The interest in fountains and ponds was conceived after trying to get a professional to help with some installations in our new house, but the service charge is too expensive. We then resorted to DIY after making research online; we thought our experience might be useful for your projects too.

PondMemo is a platform filled with the necessary information to equip you on this journey of your pond, fountain and even water features alongside the best tools to get you going.

We get you up to date with content crafted from our DIY, practicalized events which have led us to be experts in this field.

On this blog, you also get content submitted from our partners and friends who have researched thoroughly and come up with a useful solution that may not be easy to find on the internet.

All articles vetted here are based on hands-on events or DIYs, we have tried the majority of the topics or guides you find on this blog numerous times and confirmed them to be working perfectly fine before writing and publishing them.

Well-researched articles are assured so we expect you to always find PondMemo as a repository for all your ponds and fountains questions, we expect to see you visit us from time to time so as to get updated with the latest.

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